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Maximum Number of simultaneously working Hosts

This is a list of the hosts operated around 2015 in the LimeJACK network. This is the maximum number of of simultaneously working hosts in the LimeJACK project.

At this time we also use the host benoit for simulations running under Win*. Please note that the maintenance time for benoit with Win* was the same as for any other host. If you subtract my inexperience with a factor of 6, there still remains factor 6. This calculation is a strong indication of how optimal laboratory software should be designed. The calculation clearly identifies problem candidates known as Win*. As a consequence, Win* was replaced by wine.

Number Host Function Location
001 doppler server
002 max server
003 vorlesung server
004 IT-IBBA server
005 IT-IBBA backup
006 huygens Lab-KAS
007 rayleigh Lab-KAS
008 gatekeeper Lab-KAS
009 koch router Lab-KAS
010 brutejack Std-TUB_MAR-Ducts
011 heron Std-TUB_MAR-Ducts
012 raman Std-TUB_MAR-Ducts
013 ???? PowerSup Std-TUB_MAR-Ducts
014 de-haas Std-TUB_MAR-Beams
015 mie Std-TUB_MAR-Beams
016 frank-drake Observer Lab-TUB_MAR
017 nikola Observer Lab-TUB_MAR
018 wien Simulation Lab-TUB_MAR
019 kepler LevelMeter Lab-TUB_MAR
020 perelmann LevelMeter Lab-TUB_MAR
021 Info-Raspi Lab-TUB_MAR
022 teilhard Lab-GluLab
023 tupac IBM TP T42 Lab-GluLab
024 jeans X41 Tablet Lab-GluLab
025 piaget TP R60e Lab-GluLab
026 tycho TP R60e Lab-GluLab
027 marie eeePC (Xgelb) Lab-GluLab
028 restituta eeePC (CH) Lab-GluLab
029 om-gta02 OM-GTA02 Lab-GluLab
030 benoit Lab-GluLab
031 cirrus7 Lab-GluLab
032 bhatti Lab-GluLab
033 ballot TP E531 Lab-GluLab
034 janke Lab-GluLab
035 wolfgang k.
036 stefan w.
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