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bindfs - One directory usable for two or more users without group permission

You have an repository as a user <user1>. The user <user2> can wrote into the repository because wrong permissions.

You can set the group permission and use SetGID. But an easier way is to use fusefs.

aptitude install bindfs
bindfs   -o nonempty --map=user1/user2:@group1/@group2    /dir1          /dir2

For example, the content of a web server should be edited in the home directory of user htmaster and then also be available as user www-data via the web server:

bindfs   -o nonempty --map=htmaster/www-data:@htmaster/@www-data    /home/htmaster/content          /var/www/html

If www-data saves files, they are visible under /home/htmaster/content for htmaster.

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