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inotify - Inode Notify watchs for File Changes

We get this tip from Woi, thank you very much.

Since kernel 2.6.13 inotify created by John McCutchan is included. On Debian install inotify-tools.

The package includes inotifywait and inotifywatch. Try follwing source:

inotifywait -q /dev/shm/inotest

The tool inotifywait wait until the file /dev/shm/inotest will be changing.

Now you can put some stuff to test file:

echo hello > /dev/shm/inotest

You get as result from inotifywait:

/dev/shm/inotest MODIFY 


There is a development package libinotifytools0-dev.


//It is nessesary

while( int inotifytools_watch_file ( 	char const *  	filename, int  	events ) == 1 ) {


  • cygwin included a wait tool
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