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JACK Audio Connection Kit

JACK vs. Pulseaudio

  • systemctl –user stop pulseaudio.socket
  • systemctl –user stop pulseaudio.service

Multiple Soundcards on JACK with alsa_out and alsa_in

JACK use the hardware clock of a soundcard as internal trigger. If you have more then one soundcard at your PC, you can start jackd only on one soundcard. The tools alsa_out and alsa_in can access the other soundcards and connect to the running jackd.

  • overview of soundcards: cat /proc/asound/cards
  • run jackd: jackd -R -P89 -t1000 -dalsa -dhw:1 -r32000 -p32 -n3
    • d: device
    • t: timeout
    • r: sample rate
    • n: loops, periods
    • p: buffer size, frame size
  • then run: alsa_out -dhw:2 -j <name>
    • choosed <name> can be seen in patchage
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