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Xvfb starts a virtual framebuffer on a machine without X11. We use the following packages:

  • xvfb
  • openbox
  • surf
  • x11vnc
  • xtightvncviewer (vncviewer)

Start Xvfb on computer1:

Xvfb :99 -screen 0 1024x768x16

The start of a window manager enables the fullscreen mode on surf browser:

DISPLAY=:99 openbox

Start a browser on this computer:

DISPLAY=:99 surf -u 'Testbrowser' -F

We test ist with surf browser.

Start a x11vnc on this computer:

x11vnc -display :99 -listen localhost -xkb

On a remote Computer login via ssh with X11:

ssh -p <SSHPORT> -X user@computer1

Then run on ssh:

vncviewer localhost

You see the virtual display from computer1.


  • xlsfonts

X forwarding

A remote access to X11 via ssh need the x option:

ssh -X user@remote

Please check as user the file .Xauthority.

ls -al ~/.Xauthority

If missing the file use as user

touch .Xauthority

Check xauth:

xauth list

You get a line like: foo/display:21 COOKIE-foo bar-values

Become su via su:


Please check as root the file .Xauthority.

ls -al ~/.Xauthority

If missing the file use as root

touch .Xauthority

The hot line is:

xauth add foo/display:21  COOKIE-foo  bar-values

Check it via

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