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Tulivu Version 1.0.1

Tulivu in its origin Swahili meaning is a synonym for peace and silence and is often used as an African forename.

Active Vibration Control (AVC) / Active Noise Control (ANC)

As a tool for research and development on active control of noise and vibration Tulivu helps to get new impression.

Its open source code stands under warranty of the GNU Licence GPL 2. Therefor Tulivu is an easy to edit script solving several configuration the way you want to. You can script Tulivu for testing different Algorithms or you can diversify experimental settings quickly.

Tulivu bands other programs and libraries together and creates a good working tool out of them.


Tulivu Tulivu is free source code under warranty of the GNU Licence GPL 2 and is running on Linux OS.

Binary Source (FreePascal) Version
tulivu_v1.0.1.tar tulivu_source_v1.0.1.tar 1.0.1

Please read installation notes in the documentation.

GSL - GNU Scientific Library

For data analyse Tulivu uses GSL library. The equivalent FreePascal source code includes only necessary GSL functions.The way Tulivu works is shown in a small example.

gsl.tar GSL unit (FreePascal)



Sliders Configuration Gnuplot Informationen Input Output Transfer Function

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